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We have all been through a lot during the last few years. We’ve struggled as a nation and we are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most of our friends and family are back to work and it appears we are getting back to normal.

But what used to be normal has changed to a different normal and it really is a good thing. We are more conscious of where we are spending our hard earned dollars and who we are spending it with.

This brings me to spending money with a service company. Let me define Service Company. What I’m referring to is a Plumbing, Heating or Cooling, Electrical Service Company. These types of companies don’t typically sell a product but are providing a much needed service. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to looking for a service company. What have we been taught in the past, just doesn’t work.

Here is the confusion, because plumbers, electricians, and HVACs companies are considered construction and not service companies to many, the old “get 3 bids” advice doesn’t transcend into service. Believe me, service is measurable and valuable but it you go for Cheap Charlie you’re not getting what you pay for even if the bottom line dollar is a little less.

There are certain things that you should demand in Electrical Service Company and if they don’t provide these things then you are probably getting a guy off a construction site who is trying to pick up a little extra cash.

Here is what is important:

Look for a company with a long time reputation. One that has weathered the economy and come out at the end stronger. They didn’t make it without long time loyal customers and referrals. What stronger recommendation is there!

There have been a number of young startups which is great but make sure they carry the licenses and certifications needed. Here in Idaho there isn’t anyone watching out for you in this area. Many will walk into your home without carrying Workman’s Comp Insurance. The state says if you’re the owner of a company which many of the startup one man companies are, that they can be exempt. Great, but what if something happens while at your house. You guessed it; your homeowners insurance is being sought after.

Make sure they are licensed journeyman. Seems simple, but we have had many now Journeyman work for us who admitted their previous employee sent them alone on service calls when they were still apprenticing. Yes it worked out, but what if it didn’t?

Background checks and drug testing. Well only a few companies even think about doing this. I would want that peace of mind if someone was coming into my home.

Ok, cost if a biggy. I understand you’re willing to give up some things to save money. Look for a company that has published pricing. The great deal that they gave over the phone and what got them there may turn into something else once they get there if they are pulling prices out of their head. Don’t hire someone that looks around your home and decides to pull a number out based on what they think you can afford. It’s just not right but it does happen.

Before I get to some of the little things, one more important quality that a good reputable electrical service company can offer is a guarantee. Honestly if an electrician knows what he is doing everything should be ok and no future problems will arise. That said, what if there is a continual problem, it’s not fixed correctly the first time or the fix doesn’t hold for long. Paying for a company to come out again to fix the exact same problem again is not saving money. Find one that has a guarantee, it is worth it!

Some of the other small things that a good Service Company can offer are:

Answering their phone. This will give you confidence that the company is a company and not a guy working out of his mini-van.

Exact appointments times. Do you want to wait all day or even half a day wondering if you will have electricity tonight? A good Electrical Service company should be able to give you an appointment window that you are comfortable with.

Confidence in who you’re letting into your home. Has the company called and announced the electrician’s arrival? Is he driving a well marked van or truck with the company name on it? Is he uniformed with the company identity and logo? These things all help you to know who you’re letting into your home.

Cleanliness is important because it showcases the type of work that serviceman does. Is he doing a sloppy job up in your attic where he is not being watched? If he is not a neat and tidy person, who really knows. Your home should be left as spotless as it was when they arrived. Booties on the boots can make a huge difference when you’re going from job to job. Some outside and some inside.

To sum this up, yes the new normal is different which makes these qualities in the service company you pick even more important than ever. Call us at Same Day Electric and let’s discuss this.

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