Everyone understands the need for surge protection strips on their home and office pc’s but did you know there is a Whole House Surge Protection device that can be installed by a licensed Boise electrician that will protect your homes entire electrical system?  In our homes today, we have numerous appliances and electronics that need to be protected from damaging surges.  These Whole House Surge Protection devices can protect against lighting related and large surges along with smaller surges that can eat away at the computer chips inside your equipment.  Many of our common household appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washers/dryers, microwaves, and air conditioning units have computer chips. We are hit with over 20 surges a day in the Treasure Valley.

By installing a Whole House Surge Protection device you will be extending the life of these appliances along with all your electronics.

The average home has approximately $8,000 in electronic equipment and appliances.  If you have a few extra items, your potential loss could be closer to $20,000.  Installing a Whole House Surge Protection is a relative small investment in protecting your homes electrical system, your electronics, and your appliances.

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by developer December 31, 2016

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