If you are experiencing any Power Outages or electrical problems such as breakers tripping or light switches and outlets not working, Call us Today!

Don’t worry if you can’t spot the problem. A licensed electrician has expertise way beyond a typical homeowner’s, and we are masters at determining the wiring needs of your home. We make sure all the wiring and fixtures comply with applicable electrical codes, providing your home with adequate power in the safest way possible.

Of all the repairs that you may do around your home, the most potentially devastating mistakes are in faulty electrical wiring!

Countless house fires are caused by poor wiring techniques, substandard materials, faulty extension cords, or defective electrical appliances. The trouble and the trap lie in the apparent simplicity of electrical work. Small mistakes can cause quick and severe consequences. Poor wiring techniques can cause shock hazards that may not be evident till the accident happens.

Don’t take a chance with your home – Call the Professionals at Same Day Electric!