Breaker Panels

The circuit breaker panel (sometimes called a fuse box) is one of the most critical parts of the electrical system in your home. Power flows from the outside power grid through the breaker panel and is then distributed to outlets, appliances, lights, heating/cooling, and everywhere else you need power in your home.

When working correctly, you may not even think about how everything is powered. However, when power fails to properly flow through your circuit breaker panel, you may face the inconvenience of tripped breakers, insufficient power supply, or even safety hazards.

Breaker panel issues can include (but aren’t limited to) breakers consistently tripping, burning smells near the panel, scorch marks or melted wiring in or near the panel or outlets, flickering or dimming lights, or just not enough amps to power your electrical needs.

Whether you need a new circuit breaker, a completely new breaker panel, or just want a safety evaluation, we can take care of it for you!