Attic Fans

We have a variety of options for your attic and home cooling needs.

We supply both Electric Attic Fans and Solar Attic Fans.

Attic fans save up to 30% on cooling costs by getting rid of trapped super-hot air (up to 150 degrees) that collects in attics and cause heat to back up into the home.
The fan is mounted on the roof near the peak. It is controlled automatically by a thermostat, so it only runs when it is needed.

Installation of an attic fan can help:

  • Save up to 30% on air conditioning costs
  • Extend your roof life by keeping shingles cooler
  • Lower room temperatures by up to 10 degrees

Our attic fans are extremely quiet and we handle the warranty!

We also carry a great line of whole house fans and have installed many throughout the Treasure Valley area.  Call us for a quote!