What should I do if I lose power in my house, or business?

The first thing is to ask yourself what was going on when you lost power. Did I have something plugged in that I haven’t had plugged in for a while? Sometimes an appliance, or a piece of equipment can cause power failure. If you unplug the device and then reset the breaker, and the breaker holds then you have a bad piece of equipment or appliance.
How do I reset my breaker? If you lose power to part of your Home or Business (not a complete power failure where you have no power at all anywhere), then you may have a breaker tripped. Tripped breakers will look like a breaker that has been turned half way off. Push the breaker all the way to off and then back to the on position. If the breaker does not reset than you need to call a Boise electrician. The reason why your breaker won’t reset is because you may have a short circuit in your wiring somewhere.

Here at Same Day Electric, we train our electricians once a week in trouble shooting faulty wiring issues, panel equipment, and appliances. Our Boise electricians are the best troubleshooters in the country. Not only because of our training, but because we trouble shoot hundreds of homes and business a year, we know what to look for. This not only saves you down time, it also saves you money.

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