Making sure your Home and Business are Electrically Safe

Every year faulty wiring causes lost to homes and business, but more importantly it can cause harm to your family and employees. There are ways to make sure your home and business is electrically safe.

A couple things that a home or business owner can look for before calling a Boise Electrician are:

Check all your outlets. Look for cracked receptacles, black areas, warm or hot receptacles or loose wires. It’s a good idea to put child safety plugs in unused sockets.

Also, look for any exposed wires. Exposed wires can be extremely dangerous.

Once you have done a visual inspection, its time to call a qualified electrician. They can provide you with an extensive inspection of your electrical system. An expert Boise electrician can see and spot things that don’t look right or may need upgrading for your safety. They will check attic and crawl spaces for loose, exposed wire, and exposed connections. All electrical connections should be contained within a junction box.

An experienced Boise electrician will check your electrical panel for any concerns. He will rejuvenate your system and tighten all connections. He will check to make sure breakers are working correctly, check for arching that can be caused by loose breakers, and check your bus bars for pitting. Pitting on the bus bar will cause weakening and is a serious problem that should not be overlooked.

Electrical safety is a must for every home and business and is something that should not be taken lightly. If you know you have faulty wiring, something doesn’t appear to look right, or you are experiencing any electrical odors, then you need to get it fixed. Do not delay; many electricians are set up for fast response and same day service.

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