The consumer often asks when hiring an electrician to work in their home or business “Are you a licensed Boise electrician”?  This is a good question but don’t stop there.  In the state of Idaho you are required to be licensed as an journeyman electrician to do electrical work for customers.  So having “a licensed electrician” to do your electrical work is essential but it’s not enough. There a few more questions that every consumer should ask before letting someone work in your home.  Do you have Liability Insurance (both property damage and bodily injury) and Workman’s Compensation Insurance?  Liability Insurance would cover damages to your home or office if the Electrician did something that caused it to be damaged.  Ask to see proof; a reputable contractor will have no problem producing a certificate of Insurance for both the Liability and workman’s comp.  Be aware that home owners are sued for injuries on their property. Most Home Owner Insurance Policies exclude outside contractors, so it is critical to make sure there is proper and adequate coverage. Don’t be fooled by the contractor who says he doesn’t need insurance because he is self-employed.

I know this topic has been talked about numerous times in the past, but I think it’s a good idea to bring it up again.  Everybody is looking for a good deal in these tough economic times but don’t put your home or family at risk for that good deal.

Here are a few scenarios:

You may have an out of work Boise electrician that lives down the street, he works cheap but be aware of the risk.  Yes, he has a license but that’s not going to help you if something goes wrong.

What about the Boise electrician that works for a company that carries all the Insurances but you hire him to do side work?  You are not under the umbrella of the company he works for and their Insurance Policy would not cover the work he preformed in your home.

Low bids.  Low bids can be a sign of an Boise electrical contractor that is not insured or under insured.  Today, insurance is a significant cost to any electrical project.  A Contractor working without insurance can give you a low bid but will be putting you at great risk.

Ask questions, ask for proof of insurances, ask about their experience, ask for references. There is more than price when it comes to hiring an Boise electrician do work in your home.

by developer December 31, 2016

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