I heard a great conversation amongst our electricians the other day and started asking questions and wanted to share some of what I found out with anyone thinking about installing a hot tub or hiring an electrician in Boise to install one.

The first thing that caught my attention was Water and Electricity. Well I even know those two things do not mix and it made me realize how important the electrical installation of a hot tub can be. I am going to be purchasing one this spring and obviously I will have one of Same Day Electrics qualified electricians hook it up for me, but it really made me think that I needed to write one of my blogs on this subject because it is so important.

So, this is what I caught my attention. A person can be sitting in or just have their feet in a hot tub and touch a piece of metal and if that metal isn’t grounded properly they could be shocked! If you think about all the metal objects that could be around a hot tub it’s kind of scary. Metals that could be close to a hot tub and need to be grounded are items such as a metal door or window frame, a gutter or down spout, a vent, metal fence or gate. That is a small list that I’m sure could be expanded on.

Some others things I picked up on was that you need to have a properly installed disconnect with a GFCI breaker. This is really important during maintenance of the tub. Another biggy that I didn’t realize and I’m betting the average homeowner would not either is to have the wire sized correctly for the hot tub. If an unqualified electrician or a do-it-yourselfer or even a handy-man may not realize the importance of this and your hot tub’s life span just became shorten. Hot tubs are a big investment and I don’t want mine giving out on me any sooner than normal.

Ok, one more thing to take note of is that by electrical code you cannot have an outlet within 5 feet of the hot tub. Yes, anything plugged in that close is just to close and can be a safety hazard. If you want that radio or clock plugged in, just have an additional outlet added a little further away. It’s worth the small investment.

An Inspection is best way to know your electrical installation of your hot tub is safe.

In conclusion, I wanted to point out that the best way to make sure you have a safe and secure electrical hook-up for your new or used hot tub is to have a qualified, licensed electrician install it for you. And, all electrical hot tub installation requires an electrical permit for the agency you live in. So if you live in Boise City limits you would need one from the City of Boise, or if you’re in Meridian you would need one from the City of Meridian. Nampa City has their own and everywhere else you would need one from the State of Idaho. A reputable electrical service company will always pull the permit for you and arrange for the inspections. Another pair of eyes looking at that electrical install that puts you and your family in a water and electricity situation is always an excellent idea.

by developer December 31, 2016

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