It’s getting darker earlier and earlier these days, but we still want to enjoy our gardens, patios, porches, and pathways. Now a days, the best way to do that is with energy efficient LED Light bulbs. A good quality LED bulb will last an extremely long time and cost much less in energy cost then the traditional incandescent light bulbs.

And, the best thing about the LED bulb lately is that there are so many options to choose from. You can use them in your landscape lighting, patio, and security lighting. As electricians, we are always happy to help people choose the right bulb for the right application.

Even decorative and Christmas lighting are available in LED. If you like to decorate with Holiday Lights, you know what that can do to your power bill. Purchasing LED Holiday lighting can cost a bit more up front but your savings will accumulate year after year. Call an Boise electrician to put in handy under eve receptacles and your holiday lighting projects are now no stress! Nothing is more festive than a string of colored lights, no matter what the occasion.

Same Day electric would be happy to help you not only with your electrical repairs, lighting additions, and extra outdoor outlets, but all of our licensed Boise electricians are dedicated to green products and energy and money saving ideas for our customers. We also recommend solar options where low lighting is needed for pathways and ponds. With solar there’s no power needed but you won’t get the brightness necessary for security or porch lighting.

Stop by Same Day Electric’s new location on the corner of Chinden & 43rd St in Garden City and talk to us about your electrical, lighting, or solar needs.

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