Eco Solar Skylight Tubes.

Same Day Electric has partnered with Eco Solar Skylight Tubes to bring you the best in energy savings.  Same Day Electric is the only electrician in Boise to join with the best solar tubes manufacturer in the USA to bring great solar tubes and other solar products to Boise, Id and the surrounding area.

Do you enjoy natural soft light in your home? Do you have some areas of your home that just need to be illuminated? Are there areas such as hallways were the kids just forget to turn the light off or you are tired of fumbling to turn it off yourself? With Eco Solar SkylightTubes you are essentially harnessing the natural light from the sun. The units themselves are no more then cost of a nice light fixture and can be installed by an experienced electrician in just a few hours. It will cost you nothing on your power bill to have light all day and unlike the traditional framed in skylights these do not contribute to heat loss or gain. And one of the best features is that your electrician can install a dimmer so if you do want it dark in that area during the day you can! Traditional skylights cant do that.

Solar Skylight Tubes along with being an eco-friendly lighting choice that is good for the environment, solar tubes can offer health benefits to people as well. Studies have shown that natural, full-spectrum sunlight can offer a feeling of well being and help people overcome the winter blahs, also called SAD, or Seasonal Affected Disorder.   There are also studies that show natural lighting greatly improves productivity in the workplace. This makes Eco Solar Skylight Tubes a great option for business.

The City of Boise also has low interest loans for solar which is amazing and shows Boise, Id is moving in the right direction when it comes to our energy needs!

Also, take a look at what the State of Idaho is doing to make our state “greener”. The Idaho Green Expo is held in Boise, Id each year.

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